About Us


QF4 Technologies is an international training and advisory consulting firm that helps companies lean, assess, and implement Agile and Blockchain. Our services bridge the gap between process and technology and focus on the teams who carry them out. Our services address the fragmented way Agile, Blockchain, and Product Innovation initiatives are implemented. Focusing on unifying teams and processes, we deliver an integrated approach that supports the goals of any organization. QF4’s strength in integrated solutions is rooted in our breadth of expertise and experience.

QF4 Technologies mission is to empower organizations and people to be more effective, efficient, and successful in delivering their products and services to the marketplace. To leverage technology to help organizations be more transparent and improve operational efficiency. In essence – to be the catalyst and model for setting the standards for product development and creating a transparent and collaborative environment, where people are motivated to take ownership of their work and reach their potential.
Nothing less than realizing the full potential of our clients and helping them unlock their greatest asset for maximum success, we call knowledge, in this complex world we live in.